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Travel Outlook 2020

TSA New Procedures for Summer Traveling during the COVID-19 crisis

Each year Memorial Day kicks off the Summer and the year 2020, amid the challenging COVID-19 crisis is no different.  TSA has implemented changes to their screening process.  Traveler's have shown a steady growth in recent weeks.  Though airport checkpoints may vary expect to see the following changes:

Less physical inspection to prevent cross contamination

Boarding Passes

Travelers will place their own boarding passes on the readers for the TSA officer's to read.  

Separate food for x-ray screening

Carry foods in a clear plastic bag and place in the bin.  All open food will be placed in the trash.  

  • Pre-check will leave food in the bag
  • Open foods will be placed in the trash.

Pack Smart

Traveler's must ensure to they do not carry prohibited items.  Limit liquids, gels and aerosols to 3.4 oz.  Laptops and liquids will be separated for screening

**NEW** Traveler's may carry one 12 oz hand sanitizer in their carry on bag.  However, the sanitizer will be removed from the bag before x-ray screening.

Social Distancing 

Passengers will have visual reminders for appropriate spacing between employees and travelers.  Belts, keys, wallets will be placed in their bags instead of in the bins to reduce touch points

Face Masks

TSA officers at checkpoints are wearing facial protection.  Traveler's are encouraged facial protection.  They may be asked for adjustments for the screening process.

Additional steps for hygiene:

  • TSA officers will be wearing masks and gloves
  • Eye protection and clear shields in some locations
  • Changing gloves after pat-downs
  • Plastic shields at check points
  • Social distancing
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces

For more information of the TSA Screening process visit:


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