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Space Tourism

Rocket Ship Tours is schedule to launch 2011 With eight years experience- The Lynx is revolutionary.  A one of a kind suborbital vehicle is developed and powered by XCOR Aerospace, an industry leader in reusable rocketry.  Their strong innovation and safety focused culture sets them apart from traditional aerospace firms, large national space programs, and other New Space enterprises. XCOR’s patented and proprietary technologies have already been demonstrated in two predecessors of Lynx.  Recognized success with two proven generation of high performance, safe and reliable rocket powered planes have provided XCOR with eight years of operational and testing experience that competing space tourism vehicle developers cannot match. The flight profile of Lynx provides an exciting and enriching personal space experience which promises to be the ride of your life. The two-seat Lynx vehicle takes off horizontally from a runway with a powerful ascent reaching Mach 2 on its way to 200,000