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Disney Family Museum Dali & Disney

I'm sure somewhere in my past, that I've watched Salvador Dali on television program in the 60's.  My first encounter with the artist however, was at the Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia.  Dali contributions to art as a  thinker, writer, and creator stretched the boundaries of surrealism  with unmatched imagination. It is no wonder that Disney and Dali were lifelong friends.  The Disney Family Museum currently features Disney and Dali:Architects of Imagination.  Dali took an an interest in Disneys animation as surrealism.  At one point, Disney collaborated to create the infamous project Destino a Spanish vein of Fantasia. Destino 2003 It was through the project that both men realized that they took two different approaches to Surrealism.  Disney described the story as boy meets girl, Dali treated the project as an art, a complex story within the story.  Disney eventually grew impatient with Dali's and ended the project.  However, it is expressed through the ex