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Aunt Minnie's Meatballs

Aunt Minnie was a robust woman. I have memories of her with her house dress and an apron fiddling in the kitchen always baking  or making something.   Her and her sister Mary lived in a small house in Echo Park just outside of Los Angeles.   Descendants of immigrants who came through Ellis Island, they were first generation Italians inheriting all the customs and traditions from the old country.
Family gatherings were always big.  Find a reason to gather,  then expect to be at Aunt Minnie's and Mary's place.  If it was a  holiday, birthday, baptism, a visit from a cousin, or a lonely Sunday, we could expect that we should be at Aunt Minnie and Aunt Mary's place.
Birthdays were the biggest gatherings.  Several birthdays amount the relatives, friends, neighbors and cousins would fall in the same month.  It gave Aunt Minnie an excuse to cook.  It seemed like the plates that she would bring from the kitchen were endless.  She liked to make raviolis, salad, carrots and sausage,…

M.S. Oosterdam- A Pretty Mid-Sized Ship

Officially christened in 2003 ,Oosterdamis the second in our series of Vista-class ships. As such she embraces the latest industry and environmental technologies such as her use of a diesel-electric power plant for optimal energy efficiency and an Azipod propulsion system that maximizes maneuverability.
Symbolic of Holland America Line's more than 140-year history of circumnavigating the globe, the centerpiece is a magnificent Waterford crystal globe.

Ship Facts Passenger Capacity:1916 Crew Members:817 Gross Tonnage: 82,305gt Length: 936 Beam: 105.8 Maximum speed: 24 knots