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Ukiah-Vichy Springs our visit July 2011

The Vichy Springs Resort is located in Ukiah, Calfornia suitably named and reminiscent of the Vichy, France.   It is most famously known as the "Champagne Baths."   The Vichy Springs Resort is a tiny resort featuring only 26 rooms and cottages in a lovely park setting amidst the natural setting of the Mendocino County.  The resort is 150 years old, having hosted proudly the Ghiradelli family,Ghiradelli family, Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and William Harrison, Teddy Roosevelt and daughter Alice, Mark Twain, Jack London, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jim Corbett and John L. Sullivan. The attraction of the resort was and continues to be the the naturally carbonated hot springs.  Visitors soak in the warm, bubbling waters and emerge relaxed, rejuvenated and restored.  The carbonated waters are rare.  The invisible carbon dioxide gas result in an increase in blood circulation which provides real health benefits.  The carbon dioxide gas help to expand capillaries near the surface of

Coast Starlight- A Leisurely ride along the Pacific Coast

We often take the The San Joaquin to the LA Union Station from the Bay Area. The route is easy, affordable, and safe. Sporting only an hour more than driving to Los Angeles on the interstate 5 at roughly 7 hours. As an alternative, and leisurely ride home the Coast Starlight offers a diverse and scenic view of the Pacific Coast. The train is over 1000 feet long, featuring coach class, a Dining Car, Pacific Parlour Car, and the Lounge Car. The Parlour Car is the Signature First Class Lounge car that offers Sleeping Car Passengers exclusive use. First Class Passengers benefit from the daily activities such as wine tasting,meal service, theater. The Coast Starlight even has a small arcade, board games, coffee and bar service. The sightseer lounge allows comfortable views of the coastline, nature, and passing towns. When taking the Coast Starlight consider choosing the sleeping car versus the regular coach for the full experience. You will be greeted by a personal sleep car atte

Atom Las Vegas

About a year ago, I received an email message regarding murder mysteries at "Sea."  I almost deleted the message but I was curious.  Jay Joseph is Murder Mystery writer located in Las Vegas. Originally, he put shows on 7 Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships from the years 2002-2004 .  The concept was such as success that the cruise lines adapted the idea still offering "Mystery Cruises" .  Passengers who participated, received a Murder Mystery Dinner for 2+ Hours in one of the Specialty Restaurants. Jay is a  "Creative" and customizes his stories for each event.  More recently, he created story around Chocolate.  Featuring a Chocolate Cuisine Taste Test on board the NCL's Norwegian Star. Located in Las Vegas he is a regular at Lawry's Restaurant.  His creativity extends to Custom Written Murder Mysteries, for Entertainment, Corporate, Convention, Casino Events, Mystery Cruises, and Private Parties. More recently, Jay has added Wedding Crashers to h

The Villa Experience

If you are looking for an experience more intimate a villa might be just what you need.  The villas provide the opportunity to bring families, close friends together. Beautiful vacation villa rentals residences have quickly become popular for destination weddings, reunions, family get togethers or simply a getaway.  Full services can provide butlers, maids and cooks to destination.  Popular areas for a villa experience, The Caribbean in St. Martin and St. Barts with over 150 villas on each island.  Choose a beachfront property or one that sits on a hill overlooking the beautiful islands. Other locations for exclusive villas include Anguilla, Barbados, St. Lucia, Mustique, U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos.  Don't leave out the popular areas of Mexico such as the Riviera Maya home to the beautiful Esencia owned by an Italian Duchess.  Surely a place built not only with beauty but out of love and  in love. The Four Seasons Gated Resort boasts Casa Lapa