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Sustainable Travel

In practicing Sustainable Travel, the questions arises: "What is Sustainable Travel?" & " How can you travel more responsibly?" The answer is on balancing ones own needs and desires with the needs and desires of the local residents and future generations.  Consider the tourist as they enter the destinations.  In many ways we have already seen the impact in places domestically. A theme park is filled with 1000's of visitors in one visit.  A Fourth of July celebration attracts the attendees for the firework display.  Translate how we appear to a foreign country.  Place yourself in the locals eyesight: Tourists comes in droves, and points cameras at your children.  As you set out your services and products, they will haggle you for the lowest price.  Perhaps in ignorance of your local customs and traditions dress inappropriately. Sustainable Travel demonstrates: Understanding Asks Permission Pays a fair price Speaks a few words of the destinat