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The "WHY" of a Travel Agent

About a year ago,  I did a presentation on why use a travel agent.  The presentation was simple, created on a flipchart to save time and keep the audience engaged.  It caused me to think as to why people used a travel agent or travel professional.There were six items that I felt could create the "Why": Price-getting the best deal versus value Time- allowing the busy professional to work on more important projects Service- To not only bring value to travel but to above and beyond expectations Peace of Mind- Creating itineraries through seamless suppliers to put our clients at ease Someone to talk to-Some clients really need someone to talk about their ideas Friend-Eventually all business relationships in travel the clients end up friends with the professional.  Actually, the " Why"  ended up being " Love".  The six items above were all legitimate reasons.  The "Why"  clients go to a travel agent is because a good agent is receptive .

The Jewel of the Seas docks for a day in San Francisco

My friend just took a trip on the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas to Puerto Rico a little over three months ago.  When I received an invitation for a ship inspection I signed up right away.  San Francisco has the new cruise terminal at Pier 27. The new terminal is situated between the San Francisco Ferry Building and Fisherman's Wharf.  The terminal has perfect 360 degree view of Coit Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, Richmond Bridge and the Bay Area Bridge. Some key points about the "Jewel of the Seas" Jewel of the Seas fall in the Radiance Class  built between 2001 and 2004 under German Flagship Radiance -class ships have a gross tonnage of 90,090.  Ships are designed to be environmentally friendly  The   Radiance -class ships boast  glass exterior viewing elevators, over 700 balcony staterooms, two-level glass windowed dining rooms, alternative restaurants, a retractable glass roof over a pool, an outdoor pool, as well as the first self-leveling b

Metamorphis of a gift

My step dad always says that when you give a gift you give yourself.  When it comes to giving a gift I try to put some thought into what the receiving party would like.  Questions in my mind, on their personal tastes, what colors they like, how the gift is given.  I could tread a gift store for hours, looking at cards, mulling through the words to make sure that they fit the person. About 8 months ago I started a project that should have only taken me a month to do.  I was inspired by a vintage magazine to create a family tree for a friend of mine.  I gathered all the parts, excited to follow the instructions, the piece was so unique.  I love giving something I make.  One of the ways I give myself is by capturing an essence of a person  into the personality of the gift. It should have been perfect.  I found a beautiful oak frame. I figured I would paint and distress the wood.  I picked out the background, and pictures.  As I visited my friend's house I looked around I wor