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Cheesecake Factory Marina Del Rey

There is a reason why this particular Cheesecake Factory is always crowded.  It's setting is on the beach of the beautiful Marina del Rey  in Southern California.  It might be just because it's one of the oldest of a chain that provides a variety of scrumptious cheesecakes.   The location is small compared to the newer Cheesecake Factory restaurants.  For some reason the Cheesecake Factory in Marina del Rey has always been a favorite, for good food, indulgent libations, good friends, and hangout.  The prices are good, and the service is friendly.  It's been over 24 years since I had been to this location.   I don't think much has changed since the last time I had been here.  Maybe except that my kids are no longer kids.  I reminisce the times when they used to rush to playground adjacent to the restaurant.  On a pleasant sunny day, you can enjoy eating outdoors.   Then again there is the yummy cheesecakes that we have to save room for.  That Key LIme Cheescake was calli

City Walk Hollywood

City Walk in Hollywood is eclectic. It can be crowded anytime of the year.  Think of it as a great place to take a date. For the price of a parking ticket, City Walk has been attracting not only tourists but the locals from the surrounding areas Los Angeles, Burbank, Glendale as a place to hang out.   It's more than place to walk, shop, and have dinner.  On a Saturday afternoon or evening it's common to see the local DJ spin a few tunes to include the Cupid Shuffle.  It's fun to watch families participate in the festivities are get in line and slide yourself.  Above the dancing area is a large big screen featuring music videos, which makes an outdoor dance club for everyone. The parking ticket offers a $5 discount at the movie theaters where you can see the latest film. This time around, my family and I went to see 3 D experience with Tarzan.  Expecting to take our seats put on our 3 D glasses, we entered the theater and saw the audience seated in reclining chairs. Where on