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#Meet the Olasimans @ the Aulani

It only made sense that the Olasimans got married at the Disney Aulani.  When I first met Jessica, she and Justin spent every holiday possible at Disneyland, California.  Justin even proposed there.  It took a little convincing, but the idea of a destination wedding at one of Disney's properties soon became appealing.  They have good packages and what better way to celebrate than in the destination with a beautiful beach?  A little bit about the Aulani : The Aulani is pretty resort.  Disney delivers it's usual fashion of detail which captures the culture,  history, and the legends of the Hawaiian Islands.   Aulani pays homage to the Hawaiians through extensive art in the interior and exterior of the hotel.   The name Aulani is feminine meaning messenger or messenger of the chief. To the staff that work there and the people that visit, it simply the gathering place.    The design has meaning throughout the resort. The lobby, the halls, and