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Travel Insurance

There is always the what ifs  when you are booking travel.  We would like to imagine that all trips are risk free.   Unexpected occurrences include weather conditions, health, death, employment and during trip events. Not all things go smoothly.  Cruise ships experience  loss of power, interrupted sailing schedules, and forces of hurricane season.  Airlines experience flight delays due to Winter storms, weather conditions,  and equipment management.  Family emergencies,  job limitations,  illness  may cut a vacation short or delay a trip. Some form of travel insurance is always recommended.   No trip is guaranteed  to be trouble free, but travel insurance will help ease when the travel is impacted. As we approach 2014, which Travel Insurance play a big role to protect you and your traveling members? Most popular brands: Allianz Global Assistance USA-  Offers creative and inexpensive Options. Classic Plan- Basic Plan They also have a plan to cover multigenerational family

Kennedy Space Center lifts off the door to the Public 2013

The year 2014 marks a year of big changes for the way we travel.  Virgin Atlantic and Space Expedition Corporation race for the first real Space Tourism Flights open to the public for commercial flights.  Rates starting at $95,000 to $250,000, the dream of being one of the first commercial astronauts runs financially steep. In 2012, the Kennedy Space Center marked it's 50th year anniversary celebrating a palette of rare-access tours, including the chance to tour a launch platform from which all 152 launches were supervised by the Space Shuttle programs and Apollo. On July 1, 2013, the  Kennedy Space Center opened its door to the public. Exploring the Space Center Space Shuttle Atlantis Designed to give true life experiences, the Space Shuttle Atlantis celebrates the astronauts, the people and it's accomplishments over a 30 year span. Angry Birds Space Encounter- NEW! For all ages, subtle way to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics Astronaut