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Spring's here! A 14 Day journey of Walking!

Spring is finally here.  After several years of  a drought in the San Francisco Bay Area, we got hit with an onslaught of rain this year.  For some health conscious people they have met their goals weight goals.  I've got a long way to go.   As a friend of mine mentioned a few weeks ago, It's Girl Scout Cookie time.  We can only be inside for so long.  My visits to the gym were getting shorter.   I redesigned my exercise plan around the walking the dog.  You don't need much, a leash, a few treats, your smart phone health coach, and a pair of comfortable shoes.   The results:  Longer walks, really cool pictures, and really nice day.  Napa Valley River Walk about 5 miles Some of the birds at the Napa Valley River Walk  Benicia Community Park 3-7 miles per day Lake Herman Recreation Park Green Hills of Benicia Weeds! but pretty. Spillway at Lake Herman Dog gets playtime Spring Flor