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Road trip Hwy 99 to Voodoo Donuts Portland

This week's journey was inspired on a trip homeward from Seattle to the San Francisco Bay Area.  The above was a pictures snapped from the window seat of Mt. Shasta, CA.  So we started a road trip on Highway 99/ California Interstate 5. A couple of highlights about Highway 99 -Hwy 99 shares its route with CA Instertate 5 -Hwy 99 is divided by  2 routes 99E & 99 W It ends in Ashland, Oregon Oregon is a controlled state, which means that alcohol bought sold through the government. The very last store just before the Oregon border is "All Star Liquors".  Though competition has tried to stake their flags nearby, they all seem to never last. "All Star Liquors" advertises -up to 70% savings  -Huge Selection Which makes the store very attractive to even the Oregon residents. The above picture notes that the highway is a Blue Star Memorial to pay tribute to the U.S. Armed Forces who served in World War II, started by the Council of State Garden Clubs after 1945. Th